Hello World

The quintessential way of learning a new development language or trying a new technique is often to create a “Hello World”. In much the same vain, we are trying out this “Blogging” thing, and felt it only right to create a “Hello World”. Being as we at Pythagoras are habitual over-achievers, we also decided to tell you about why we decided to take the plunge.

Pythagoras was formed in August 2015. While we had the technical bases covered from our time as developers and technical managers in Corporate America, we quickly found we didn’t quite know what we were doing when it came to running a profitable business. Throughout the past year we have had some hard lessons, and bursts of insight which have allowed us to succeed where so many small business fail. These experiences have often come up in discussion and then been followed with a “you should write a book about that.” Since we don’t really have the time to write a book, we though a blog would be the next best thing.

We want to openly share our insights, decision making processes and common technical challenges with our employees, partners, clients and the world.