January 4, 2016


Why Choose Pythagoras

Because Pythagoras was formed by individuals who spent many years working in internal IT organizations for large, global firms, we have a unique appreciation for the realities facing IT organizations.

We Are the Logical Choice

  • We understand the potential risks and pains of working with most external consulting firms
  • We know that systems have to be maintained and supported by internal IT personnel for many years after they are first implemented
  • We realize that IT initiatives are driven by the business climate, and the business climate can change rapidly, without warning
  • We understand that technology alone does not meet business needs – appropriate processes and structures must accompany technical implementations in order to achieve success

We start every project by listening to the needs of our customer, and we then propose how we can divide and conquer. We never assume that we are being brought in to attack a problem in isolation; we always assume it will be a collaborative effort with the client. A key part of this collaboration is an open, honest communication channel. You will find that our team is always willing to provide candid feedback, and to raise issues early and visibly.

Simply stated, we have more real-world software project experience than other consultants. We have purposely selected only experienced professionals to join our company, and our clients tell us consistently that it is one of the main reasons they trust us to handle their most important projects.