January 4, 2016

Application Discovery

Discovery = Efficiency + Agility

Discovery helps IT understand where assets are and how they are interconnected. With a more accurate and trusted view of services and what supports them, you are better positioned to drive growth, efficiency, and agility. Our application discovery services are designed to keep services running at peak performance, to bring new services online faster, to prioritize and align IT resources with your business needs, and to minimize risks associated with changing infrastructure.

Identify & Monitor

Our application discovery services identify and monitor the different applications and services used within an organization. Our Discovery product gives you the means to create an accurate, up‑to‑date single system of record for your infrastructure. Simply state we take the process through which the applications installed and used throughout your enterprise are identified and collected.

This is Our Process

This process enables the gathering, monitoring and management of the entire application portfolio used within an IT environment or on individual computers and networks, such as business/productivity applications, database applications, client/server applications and more.