December 17, 2016


Progressive Design

We have come to understand your pain points and have adopted them as our own. We spend time focusing on who you are, what is important to you, how you think, and how your business works. We sweat the small stuff. Because it matters. And because we care.

To build an end-to-end online shopping experience, your omnichannel presence must be strategically aligned with your marketing strategy and brand experience. Our work encompasses both the front end of your ecommerce presence — intuitive information architecture, smooth and seamless user experience, and attractive visual user interface design — as well as the back end of your online business. Beyond the core needs of your store, we integrate tools and platforms using APIs to manage inventory, customer service and returns, employ successful merchandising practices, apply business intelligence, and leverage personalized customer data for more targeted marketing and sales. We also incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) to improve findability and target high-value searches.