Rolling Strong

At Rolling Strong we built an Android application designed to keep truck drivers healthy. Every year 12-15% of drivers are removed from the fleet due to insurance denial regarding BMI. Our systems helps drivers find healthy eating options that are truck friendly near the interstate, helps calculate caloric intake, and builds workout routines into their daily process.

About Rolling Strong

Truck drivers are required to be sedentary most of the day and have a hard time making healthy choices with so few options readily available. Add the fact that they are away from friends and family for long periods of time and this challenging lifestyle makes it difficult to recruit or retain quality drivers.  The high turnover fleets encounter lead to significant increases in operating costs for in the form of additional training fees, insurance costs, lost wages from idle equipment and more.

Rolling Strong addresses these challenges by providing a solution that integrates directly with your On-board computing system, providing drivers with access to healthy food resources along planned routes, fitness centers with truck access, hiking & biking trails, in cab exercises and a social aspect that keeps them connected to friends, family and other truckers.  This tangible resource does more than just talk about the importance of making healthy choices, it gives drivers the tools they need to accomplish it.

Rolling Strong builds a sense of community between your company, your workforce and your family which in turn will not only help retain drivers and lower operating costs, but can truly transform the lives of your employees by helping them maintain a healthier lifestyle.

How Does It Work

  • Fleets become Rolling Strong customers by paying a monthly fee per subscriber (driver), typically as a feature of their on-board fleet management system.
  • Drivers enroll in the program by setting up individual profiles, including their baseline health metrics, fitness interests, nutrition/restaurant preferences and other information.
  • Rolling Strong Trainers assist fleets and drivers with the initial deployment followed by several optional levels of on-going support, including peer-to-peer competitions, effort/results based incentive program oversight, special events, online coaching, help desk and more.
  • Rolling Strong’s eco-system of partners, including health clinics, fitness centers, restaurants, truck stops and more interact with drivers in a two-way relationship. For example, based on a driver’s caloric burn for a given timeframe, suggestions may be provided proactively.
    Drivers can make on-demand inquiries regarding fitness and nutrition alternatives while on the road, or plan their trips in advance. Rolling Strong’s integration with the fleet management system allows for guidance and coaching to be based on not only the driver’s profile, but also duty status and GPS location.
  • Rolling Strong accessories allow the driver to exercise in and around the truck at anytime.

Why Rolling Strong

  • The trucking industry at large has a massive problem on its hands. The industry simply cannot effectively attract, recruit and retain drivers.
  • The current supply of drivers is largely made up of an aging demographic, with notoriously poor health.
  • Annual turnover regularly exceeds 80% and every driver replaced costs the employer at least $5,000.
  • Fleets absorb significant costs (insurance, healthcare, lost revenue, recruiting, training, reduced productivity and more) due to driver injuries and illnesses, a large percentage of which are directly related to the general poor health of drivers due to the sedentary lifestyle they typically lead.
  • For drivers interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, making good choices regarding nutrition and exercise is very difficult.
  • Industry requirements for driver health are increasing the already extreme pressure on trucking companies to address driver health in a serious manner.
    Industry leaders have publicly addressed the need for a comprehensive driver fitness and nutrition system.
  • Trucking companies offering TruckFit to their drivers will have a competitive advantage in terms of recruiting, retention and sustained driver performance.