January 4, 2016

Enterprise Portals

Seamless = Integration + Collaboration

A company can acquire a significant competitive edge via a portal. Portals are web-based applications that gather information from various sources and use technologies to improve business to business (B2B) communication and interaction through shared applications and web services.

Third Party Planning

Our enterprise portal services range from customized web portals via building a new website or incorporating them into your current website. We provide new web portal solutions with the latest technology platform and ensure portal optimization. Our experts have experience in integrating third party shopping, payment, and shipping functionality as well as social media and blog integrations. Our Pythagoras experts will help you to optimize your time and money by reaching a larger audience with Enterprise Portal Services.

Common Features

  • Single Sign-On
  • Integration
  • Federation
  • Personalization
  • Access Control
  • Enterprise Search