January 4, 2016

Mobile Web

Mobile Experts

Our Pythagoras experts can create custom software for any platform, including PHP, .NET, iOS. Our full spectrum offerings include: cloud-deployed application architecture, SaaS solutions, and integration to mobile services. We provide high quality services in software development and quality assurance services that solve crucial issues in Product Quality and Rapid Time to Market. We strive for providing high quality custom software development services, maintenance and quality assurance processes at the right time, using the right resources.

Custom Application Development

Pythagoras provides custom application development services that will help your business boost efficiency with applications tailored to your exact business needs. Our Projects range from designing new Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms to mobile and cloud-deployed applications.

We Help You

We start every custom application development project with a discovery phase. We research your business, gather requirements and establish the roadmap that will show you how we can divide and conquer. We observe your business, analyze your competitors, research user profiles and conduct usability tests, all while collaborating directly with your internal team. We work to understand your self-image, goals, audience, project parameters and desired outcomes.

This is What We Do

We understand that custom software development goes beyond discovery, design and implementation, which is why our team provides continuous support to all our clients